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So, why do I suddenly care about pigeons? Because one with a leg band landed here a few days ago. I’d like to help him get home.

I read, at the pigeonfanciers.ca/ website that I should catch him and read his leg band. “Then take all of the numbers and letters and perhaps insignias like Ө, down on a piece of paper, taking special care to obtain both the correct “year” and the two “letters” just before the NUMBERS.”
Then, if the main letters are CPFA, I should contact their Band Secretary Bob Jones –


If the main letters are CU, I should contact the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union –
Email: crpu@execulink.com

While I wait for them to find the owner or a new home for the bird, I should give it some fresh water and some wild bird seed.
They say I could keep him in a box, but I don’t think he plans on going anywhere.
This is him:

Lost pigeon

Pretty pigeon on our deck

Two weeks later:
I was never able to catch the pigeon and call anybody. Days went by and we figured the pigeon would just live here like all the other critters.
I was talking to my daughter one day and out of the corner of my eye I saw some feathers explode into the air. I raced to the window to see what had happened. I could see nothing, but I feared that the hawk had got the pigeon.
my husband was cutting the grass and he found the remains of the poor wayward bird.

So, just like that, his life was over.

RIP little guy




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