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And here I sit.
And I wonder…
Is it better to have no money and lots of friends or to have money and no friends?

See, when I first came to this town, I moved into a house with 4 other people. (They were already there.) We were all in the same boat. New to the city and basically friendless. But, we had each other. We never did much, because we had so little money.

Looking back… it was the best time of my life.

Now, I have lots of money. I could go out every night of the week if I wanted to. I could buy all the clothes and make-up that I wanted, too. But, I’m alone. Always alone.

And although the late 80’s were the best time of my life – I wouldn’t want to return there.

So, what is better.

Money or friends?

A couple of young women came in to the cafe. They had half a dozen kids with them and all looked like they should be on What Not To Wear. They had a small coffee each and pulled juice boxes out their oversize purses for the kids. They sat down and chatted and drank their coffee. They talked to the kids. They laughed with each other.

I wiggled my toes in my Steve Madden shoes and stared out the window.

and, just like that, I knew the answer.

one lonely tree

Loneliness is tough


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