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Are we a product of Alien DNA manipulation?

There is no God…
Not the one of the Bible, Koran, Torah or other Holy Book

I’ve never believed in the god of the bible or the god of any other organized religion. I was brought up with Christianity though. It was shoved right down my throat. I had to go to Sunday school when I was small and when I was a teen ager I was forced to attend a youth group on a week night, followed on Sundays by church.

It sucked. Back then I didn’t know why I didn’t believe, I only knew I didn’t. And anyway, even if there was a grain of truth to it,

the 3rd Commandment was – “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”
He didn’t say there weren’t any other gods… just not to put any before him.

As a kid I was interested in Greek Mythology. I loved stories about Egypt and the pyramids. And I loved Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods. In fact, it was that movie/book that got me hooked.

Back then there was no internet. And, books on the subject of extraterrestrials were rare. But, I never forgot and I always wondered.

I’m old now and I have the internet. And I’m going to spend some time researching and writing about the beginning, about those that went before us.

return of the gods

Beyond Yesterday … Lot’s of points to ponder here… check it out1


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