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I’m not Haute yet, but I’m trying!


I’m attempting find clothing that looks good on this over 50 year old carcass. Don’t want to look ridiculous. Don’t want look like an old bat old trying to look like a teenager. Don’t want to look like an old bat. I’m not batty. I just want to look decent!

So, there will be nothing low, nothing short, nothing tight, nothing see through.
Just, well, as un-boring as I can find that aren’t any of the above.

One thing I do know… a person needs to  buy clothes that fit. There is no point in spending your hard earned cash on something that may fit properly when you lose 10 lbs, and may be out of style by then, too.  If you’re wearing something that fits good you’re going to feel good. (That alone may encourage you not to eat that doughnut!) If you feel good you’ll feel confident inside.  Once you’re feeling confident you will act confident and with that comes the ability to chose something flattering and stylish which will make you feel confident and with that….

Confidence will help in all other areas of your life, too… btw…

Any way, I’m pretty impressed with Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge’s style. Of course, I can’t afford the same things as she can, but I can afford similar things. Keep looking under the FASHION category to see what I’ve found.


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