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Immigrants and Political Correctness:

Our new immigrants are told they can keep their culture, religion, traditions, and everything else if they come here and contribute to our economy. So, they do. And they want to be near others doing the same. So far – understandable and no problem.

The problem arises, when they want  us to stop persuing our traditions and make way for theirs.

Wait- does that ever happen? NO! More accurately it’s some politically correct idiot that decides we are offending the new immigrants by doing our thing. And they try to get us to stop (ie: calling it a Christmas tree and start calling it a Holiday tree), so as not to offend.

We are not offended by their ‘festival of lights’ and they are NOT offended by our Christmas traditions. But, some PC@$$holes, to make a name for themselves or just to flap their jaws, have to turn it into a problem.

And that riles up and causes white supremacists fools to go off the deep end. And that gives something for the PC fools to harp about. And on and on.


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