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Since that poor kid, Amanda Todd, committed suicide in October 2012, we’ve been reading many more stories about bullying. It’s so sad that it happens so frequently, but at least it’s coming to the forefront finally. There was even a poll I saw where they were asking if hate crime laws could be broadened to include bullying.

The latest bullying story that I just read comes out of London, Ontario.
Thank you London police and keep up the good work.

Bullying takes many forms

from Yahoo.com

LONDON, Ont. – Police in London, Ont., say they have arrested eight girls in connection with a bullying case.
Police say the arrests were made as part of an investigation that revealed a student at a city high school had been the target of physical, emotional and cyber bullying.
The eight suspects are each charged with criminal harassment.
Police say information about the alleged bullying came from direct statements and through an anonymous reporting portal on the school website.
Police say officials have been able to support the victim, ensure the student was safe and then address the bullying behaviour.
The investigation is continuing and police say additional charges may be laid.


If you’re being bullied call the kids help phone, tell your parents or teachers. Or tell the cops. Print off any pages/proof you have and show them.


(Added November 3/2012…. yahoo)

Do you think progress has been made to stop bullying?

Yes. It is clear that governments, celebrities and the public are taking concrete actions against it. (1340 votes – 6%)

No. The efforts by governments, celebrities and the public have been largely lost. (7810 votes – 34%)

Perhaps. A bit of progress has been made in terms of raising awareness, but that’s about it. (14013 votes – 60%)

This is in the HEALTH category because I figure that both the bullied and the bully has a health problem. The victim – because their self esteem degrades as the torture continues and the bully – because they have mental health issues to begin with.


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