I keep seeing shows on TV about quantum mechanics and the universe and the big bang and that.

I don’t understand even .000009% of it, but it sounds as if none of this really exists. Not how we understand it, anyway. It’s almost as if I am typing to myself and everything I write about is from my imagination. Even you are from my imagination.

And you will say.. “No, I’m here!”

And I will say, “Of course you are, I created you.”

And if that’s true… if that’s true… I can’t even think it.

I’m even more alone than I thought. And, so are you. Even though you’re not real. How mind boggling is that?

And something else I saw – about time and the passage of it…. It’s an illusion. They say, the past is another world and another now. Each moment is a world unto itself.

Disorderliness is entrophy. Entrophy goes up as time goes on.

Multiverse – time is a product of entrophy. Mother universe gives birth to universe and opposite universe… string theory.  What???

and, what if time has more than one dimension?

Have I created my unhappiness? My dysfunctional life? My mental deficiencies? Is this what I want?

How do I un-want it?

Am I alone?

So, you can comment if you want. I’ll have to decide if you  commented or if it was really me.

from: startswithabang.com


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