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In Canada, an excellent place to go to find fashion for over 50 yrs. old is CLEO. The clothes are not all polyester and dull green in color. And they’re not excessively prices. The prices are actually pretty good.

There’s something for everyone there, size 2 to 18 in regular and in petite. There are dresses, coats and jackets, pants and tops, skirts and blouses, jewelery and purses. But, best of all they have lots of mannequins in the stores, all dressed up so, if you don’t know what you want, you can  just say, “I’ll take all of that.”

The sales people aren’t pushy yet they’re glad to get you another size so that you don’t have to streak naked from the dressing room or get completely re-dressed to go back to the rack. They can also suggest something else that will go with what you’re trying so that your out fit will either look better, or will be more versatile.

Cleo is good. Check them out.


Nice for over 50 yrs old. Yes.


Oh, and they don’t have Screamo music blasting your ears off while you’re trying to shop either. A definite plus!


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