If there was a category called ‘eeewww’ this would be there. Since there isn’t, it’s under FASHION—>

And, sometimes all it takes is a little common sense.
I mean, really? Really?
Would you think you looked good like this? Can you not tell it isn’t age appropriate?

Not the Queen

Here’s Sara Jessica Parker at the NYC launch of the Maison Martin Margiela’s collection for H&M. With a little make up she’ll be ready for halloween. Seeing this ridiculous get-up I have to wonder – is she just trying to show us we need to use common sense?

SJP .... not her best look

SJP …. not her best look

Both these women could appear on an episode of What Not To Wear. And really, never mind the clothes – look at the hair. Having a decent hair do is part of style, too.

The Queen has had the same hair style for over 60 years… surely she can afford a new stylist. And SJP… she has to know that if she cut her hair off to jaw length and parted it on the side – it would make her face appear less long.

Just sayin’ ….


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