Should be under royalty but there’s no such category, and because I like the dress, the Category is Fashion–>

I always thought that most everyone liked the Royal Family.

I’m quite surprised to find that so many people think they’re blood sucking leeches!

They think Prince William is a spoiled child and Kate is a dumb broad. They think that the Middleton family, when realizing the close proximity of Kate to William once she began university, went on an all out campaign to get themselves into the royal family. (An expensive gamble, but it paid off.)

And, sadly I think, I’m starting to agree.

Will and Kate are going on yet another holiday come November 2012. They just came back from their vacation in France (in June, was it?) Wouldn’t the rest of us like to have 2 exotic vacations like that per year?

Now, I’m sure the tax payers don’t fork out the cash for these vacations, but the money that is theirs has been built up from money that was tax payers at one time. (Imagine if your family could have said, “Right, I own everything and you must pay me to live here.” And everyone did. You’d have a stock pile of money, too.)

Some have said that they go on these get-aways because they’re in baby making mode and we can expect to hear of an heir soon. Others say that Kate is way too skinny and anorexic to even think about getting pregnant.
Still others say that their love is so non-existent, obvious by their lack of affection and even eye contact with each other, that short of in-vitro fertilization, no baby will be seen in the near future.

Who knows?

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Nice dress, anyhow.


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