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I’ve often heard about how poorly constructed some of the buildings in the States were, compared to here in Canada.

I’ve heard that some of their buildings haven’t been built after getting the proper permits and they haven’t been properly inspected before they’re good to go. Or they don’t need either of the above to call themselves ‘inhabitable.’

It’s not like I sat around thinking and meditating on this but when I came across this video on the weather network showing some of the damage in Manhattan caused by hurricane Sandy, I couldn’t help but notice the difference between the damaged building and the non-damaged ones.

here are a couple of screen shots.

Damage from hurricane Sandy

and, a ‘close up’

Damage from hurricane Sandy

Terrible for all those people who lived there!

Yet, I must ask… how bad was that place that its whole side can be ripped cleanly off, while the other buildings are left untouched?
And, I mean ripped cleanly off. The beds and furniture are still in place!

Seriously … there otta’ be a law.


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