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I should say that political correctness has definitely gone too far. I can’t even believe my eyes, here. I’ll write a few comments when I recover from my shock.

read this article from yahoo.ca

Gus Hooker, 13, prevented by school from participating in Movember

The Priory Academy is not allowing him to grow a stache and raise money because others at the school don’t have the ability

Gus Hooker, 13, started shaving when he was just nine years old, but his school is not allowing him to participate in Movember. Movember is the month formerly known as November where men all around the world, including hundreds of thousands in Canada, grow moustaches to raise money and awareness for male cancers and mental health initiatives.

“Because I can grow a moustache, I reckon that if I did I could raise a fair bit,” Gus told BBC. “I just wanted to show off my moustache, everyone wanted me to go for it.”

The Priory Academy, Gus’s school in England, is preventing him from participating because they say the activity isn’t “entirely inclusive.”
“Fundraising is an inclusive activity with all pupils having the opportunity to participate regardless of age or gender,” read a statement, according to BBC. “In a coeducational school with young children, growing facial hair would not be an activity that many children would be able to join in with.”

Gus, who now has to shave every day, was hoping to participate because his grandfather had recently won a battle with cancer. Gus’ father Paul Hooker was hoping to have Gus join his team and is disappointed he can’t.
“I see this as bang out of order, bordering on discrimination,” wrote Paul on his blog.

Paul was hoping to have a meeting with the school to change their mind, but the school is not budging on allowing Gus to grow a stache. However, the two parties have seemed to come to some sort of compromise. On the final day of November, students will be allowed to dress down and wear fake moustaches if they donate one pound to charity.

It’s a good thing this policy doesn’t apply to work place. If it were the case, the Yahoo! Canada office wouldn’t be able to participate because, despite being 30, I can barely grow anything on my upper lip.

About 20 people from Yahoo! Canada are among the more than 220,000 Canadians who have registered this year. Half way through the month Canadians have raised more than $15 million. By 


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