2012 Year in Review: Top 10 searches

1.    Kate Middleton
2.    iPhone 5
3.    Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
4.    Fifty Shades of Grey
6.    Hurricane Sandy
7.    Jessica Simpson
8.    Jessica Paré
9.    Scientology
10.   Miss Universe Canada Jenna Talackova

Yep, that’s what Yahoo.ca says … the top 10 searches of 2012.
Slow news year, perhaps?


Ok, I can see The Duchess of Cambridge making the list. Her and Prince William were in the news a whole lot and everything the Duchess wears is an instant fashion hit. Tons of people needed to know exactly what to buy as fast as they possibly could. So, of course, Kate would be searched out.
And, since it has been announced that she’s pregnant – her search popularity will increase!

iPhone? Yes, I get it. All of us internet users need the most recent gadget the second it’s off the production line. And if we can’t get it, we need to know all there is to know about it, so we can either drool or scoff.

Hurricane Sandy – sadly, totally understandable. Many needed to know what to expect and later the status of others.

Scientology – at least there’s some meat to this subject. Something to learn (and later disregard.) And with the media basically saying that Katie Holmes had to go into the witness protection program to escape from Tom the-Scientology-lunatic Cruise… no wonder people got interested in that so called religion.

But, the rest? You’re kidding, right? In the top 10 searches? Really? Really?


2 thoughts on “Top Internet Search

  1. I did not see Lindsay Lohan or any Kardashians on this list. What about the election or Obama? I wonder if this is actually that accurate. I understand Fifty Shades because it caused a stir in the US as well. Stewart and Pattison will not be in the top ten again after Twilight fades.

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