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59 is the Age Women Should Stop Wearing Red Lipstick, Heavy Makeup, Study Finds


Nurture Replenish Skincare survey of 2,000 woman says:

59 is the age that women aged 45 or older thought it was time to ditch high heels, red lipstick, tight clothes and false nails and try to look “more natural.”  They agree that starting in the early 40’s things need to be toned down a bit.

After 40 –  baseball caps, mini skirts, knee high boots, tight tops, sweat pants with writing on the bum and fake tans are no-no’s. Also not good are leather pants, animal prints, heavy makeup  — especially eyeliner, huge jewelry and strapless dresses.

Basically – if you are wearing your daughter’s clothes … you’re risking looking like a fool.


What’s with the boots? And short dress? This woman does not look good. Here are 2 ‘what not to wear’ pictures.


Once you’re over 50 … you can have a body like a victoria secret model, but if you have a face like a can of worms … just don’t try to look like a teen ager. It’s the rise of the pants! And the boots, again! Lady… really?



2 thoughts on “When You Look Like a Fool

  1. This women looks absolutely fabulous! How dare you describe another persons face as a “can of worms”? You should be ashamed of yourself. Why do you hide there behind your words? lets see what you have to offer,, and by the way I am going to wear red lipstick until I am 90 years old!
    Lets see you dare accept and publish this reply in your negative blog!

  2. Did anyone call anyone’s face a ‘can of worms?’
    The sentence reads, “…but if YOU have a face like a can of worms…”
    Do you?
    If so, you can always wear red lipstick.

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