Happiness is a choice.

Be mindful of everything you think, do and say.
Keep it positive. Force it to be positive if necessary!

It’s not … “If I lose weight I’ll be happier.”
It is……..”If I’m happier, I’ll lose weight.”

Morning, Noon and Night –
-drink lots of water
-do 60 – 90 seconds of exercise like jumping jacks or burpies.
-Be aware that you’re doing it
-Know you’re trying to rev up your metabolism so you can burn fat
-Know you’re getting exercise for heart health
-Know that endorphins, the happy chemicals, are being released in your brain


-at each meal eat something with Magnesium in it to reduce fatigue
-be mindful of what all else you eat.
*Reduce sugar, salt and fat intake.
*Increase antioxidants and anti-inflammatories (veggies, fruits, berries) all the feel better, feel happier foods.

During the day:
– smile at a stranger (and mean it)
– live in the moment
– consciously try to remember things* (names, faces, events)

– stay social*
– try new things*
*good brain exercises

In the evening:
– stay busy, be social or volunteer
– write down 3 things that you’re grateful for (to help become more optimistic)
– write down something enjoyable and think about it for 2 minutes

Before your necessary 7 to 8 hours sleep:
– think “I Am…” (happy, healthy, proper weight, etc.)
– create the world you want, in your mind

Choose Happiness


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