MUMBAI (Reuters) – A photojournalist was gang-raped in Mumbai, police said on Friday, evoking comparisons with a similar assault in New Delhi in December that led to nationwide protests and a revision of the country’s rape laws.
The attack on Thursday night triggered protests and an outcry on social media, with many users shocked that it took place in Mumbai, widely considered to be India’s safest city for women.

Weak men rape. Weak in the head that is. Should be castrated. Period.

When I read this article about these wonderful, manly men who commit the crime of rape, I got to thinking. I know that’s scary and I know mine is not THE answer, but I wonder if it would help.

The word ‘rape’ and term ‘rapist’ has, in some ways, lost it’s shock value, lost it’s meaning. We have become desensitized to it. Maybe it’s time to change the name of the crime to something more insulting. Something that would make the low life, teeny weeny, be absolutely mortified to be called.

I hear that in Italy the phrase, “your father sits on the roof with the pigeons” is one of the most insulting things you can say to someone. (??why??)

If that’s true … an Italian rapist could be renamed a ‘Pigeon roof sitter’ … (I don’t know which is the insulting part… Pigeon or the fact that you’re on the roof, or that you’re there with a pigeon, but anyway…) What ever it is… it can now mean rapist.

Imagine the shame, the embarrassment, the humiliation those pigeon roof sitters will have to endure when everyone is pointing and laughing and calling him that name. (Each culture would have their own rude, shaming, embarrassing name.)

One group, who’s name I dare not mention for fear of being arrested for not being peaceful enough, are totally mortified when their daughter has the nerve to look sideways at a boy. (They even want to ‘honor kill’ her to escape the shame she has brought on their entire extended family.)

Any potential rapists from their group could be shamed into controlling themselves by knowing people will point and say, “hahahaha… looks at him. He attacks women because his daughter/mother/sister talks to boys. Shame on him.”

Now, I realize that some of the ‘men’ in that un-named group think rape is a good sport, so would not participate in the name calling campaign, but if the rest of the world did….

Some things are worse than the possibility of jail, to some people.

Future ‘pigeon roof sitters’ and ‘daughter talks to boys’ might think twice before attacking someone.

It may sound like I’m making a joke, here, but I’m not.



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