Dear Alcohol –
You said you’d make me funnier, sexier, smarter, better looking and a better dancer.

I saw the video.

We need to talk.


And people really need to show their daughters pictures of ‘drunk girls’ on the internet. After that, they should sit down with their kid and have a drink. An hour later have another. Show the kid how to have fun when drinking and how to control herself.

I’m convinced it doesn’t do any good to say to a kid/person, “Don’t drink too much.” They don’t know how much too much is.

As you drink with your teen, you need to have them take stock of how they’re feeling. And when they say they’re feeling ‘great, happy, wonderful’… that’s when you, the parent, needs to make clear that having another one is not going to make them feel more ‘great, happy, wonderful’.

In fact the next step will get them well on their way to losing their inhibitions. Explain that the effect of the booze doesn’t kick in the second you swallow it. So, after one they have the effects of it in their system, the second one is in their stomach (apparently doing nothing) so they might down a third. That’s when number 2 kicks in, with number 3 now in their stomach and number 4 on the way.

Before they know it they are drunk (and still have a couple more ‘in their stomach’, not yet in their system.) At this point they’re possibly getting themselves in embarrassing and or dangerous situations like the ‘drunk girls’ on the internet.

Reinforce that a drink an hour is ok, as long as they don’t leave it unattended. Where booze is concerned, more is never better… even if everyone else is drinking like there’s no tomorrow.


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