I don’t smoke pot, but after reading this, I think it should be legal and the booze – > NOT.

I drink a maximum of a drink per month, and that’s quite enough. I can’t imagine anything close to this – to drink so much, to have booze so important to you that it causes you to neglect your child to death.


LONDON – An alcoholic British mother who let her 4-year-old son starve to death and left his body in a cot for almost two years was sentenced Friday to 15 years in jail.
Judge Roger Thomas said Amanda Hutton had failed “to fulfil the most basic responsibilities that you, as a mother, should have fulfilled.”

The mummified body of Hutton’s son, Hamzah Khan, was found by police at the family’s garbage-strewn home in Bradford, northern England, in September 2011. He had died in December 2009.

The judge said the boy was wearing clothing made for a 6- to 9-month-old child.

“Although it beggars belief that such a thing can happen, it has, of course, happened here,” the judge said.
He told Hutton: “It has done so through your purposeful, persistent and gross conduct in failing in that most basic and fundamental requirement that is upon every parent, to feed her child adequately.”

Hutton was convicted of manslaughter Thursday at Bradford Crown Court.

The judge said the 43-year-old mother of eight had an alcohol problem and that “you placed your own selfish addiction to drink well before your responsibilities to your many children.”

The judge said Hamzah’s body was only discovered after a rookie police support officer visited the house following complaints from neighbours about dirty diapers being thrown into their yard. The officer became concerned that something was seriously wrong.

Hutton admitted neglecting five of her older children, aged between 5 and 13. The judge said they were found in “appalling conditions of squalor,” in a house strewn with pizza boxes, used diapers, vodka bottles and cat feces — and containing the dead body of their brother.

Hutton’s partner Aftab Khan, the father of all eight children, did not live with the family.

Hutton’s oldest son, 24-year-old Tariq Khan, was given a two-year suspended sentence for preventing burial of Hamzah’s body.

Tariq Khan told police that his mother had threatened to kill her other children and to burn down the house if he went to the authorities.

An inquiry has been called into how the abuse went unnoticed by the authorities for so long.



It doesn’t say, but the husband must be just as much of a loser as the piss-tank Amanda. Mr. Man came around often enough to get laid, but he wasn’t sober enough to notice the disaster in the house or the dead child on the cot. (Of course the body was only there for 2 years, so what can we expect?) – and if he did notice, he didn’t give a $h*+, all he wanted was more booze. I wonder why he wasn’t charged with anything.

All that drinking and neglect obviously scarred for life the oldest son, too. Tariq Khan was (is) 24 years old and didn’t have the ‘balls’ to go the cops or children’s aide. He is obviously so mentally affected by his hellish upbringing, he doesn’t know what’s right and what’s wrong.

Same with the other kids. All too damaged to tell any one that the rotting carcass of their brother is sprawled across the bed, their parents are hammered 24/7 and they haven’t eaten in a week.

You would really think someone would have noticed something long before the neighbours finally complained about $h*++y diapers piling up in their back yard.

Those people are murderers. Loser, alcoholic, low life, asshole, murderers — but murderers none the less.

RIP little Hamzah Khan.


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