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Quebec women’s council unveils 7 steps to stop ‘honour crimes’

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More can be done to help prevent so-called “honour-based violence” in Canada, says the Quebec Council for the Status of Women. 

In 2011, the Quebec government mandated the council to study the phenomenon in light of the Shafia case. 

Mohammad Shafia, his wife Tooba Yahya and their son Hamed were convicted of murdering Shafia’s three teenage daughters and his first wife in January 2012. 

The Quebec Council for the Status of Women has come out with seven recommendations after studying 17 reports of so-called honour crimes in Canada since 1991. In the cases studied, 12 victims were killed and five survived. 

“What is most troubling, is that these murders are only the tip of the iceberg. Honour-based violence takes many forms that are not exclusive to any culture or religion, as indicated by the different faiths and origins of Canadian victims,” said council president Julie Miville-Dechêne.
The council was careful to point out that so-called honour-based violence is not exclusive to ethnic communities.
“It was not too long ago that in Quebec, teen mothers were sent away from home until their pregnancies came to term,” a statement from the council said.  

Here are some of the comments:


That is THE lousiest article I’ve ever seen.
What are the 7 recommendations?


“Honour-based violence takes many forms that are not exclusive to any culture or religion, as indicated by the different faiths and origins of Canadian victims”

Are you people insane? Not exclusive to any culture???????…. For Fuck Sake!!!! No… hell … we all do it… every day… we just don’t get caught… god oh god oh god… PC bull Chit!

oh and lets be sure to compare murdering your family members to sending a pregnant teen to an un-wed mothers home for a few months.

Canada and the media and PC bull chit has collectively lost its ‘mind.’ I’m becoming embarrassed to be Canadian


• These cheap sluts got exactly what they deserved. They should immediately release their kind, generous, religious father, brother and mother immediately.

• You retard. Just fuck off. Crawl back under the rock you slithered out from under. Stay there. Never get laid in your life either. No slut/woman/wife/ anything thing with a hole, will want you.


Well then, what can you say to something like that? First and foremost – Canadians (especially people in Canadian government positions) are a bunch of wimps. They can’t even say it like it is for fear of being fired. Here we have a Mayor who doesn’t worry about smoking crack in his spare time, yet these people on committees can’t even say the word ‘muslim’ when trying to figure out a way to keep them from being murdered.

If muslims want to use their barbarian ways to get what they want-
1.) Go back to where they came from or

We will (should) learn what is the most embarrassing, humiliating, mortifying thing they could be caught doing, and catch them doing it. Or photo-shop a picture of them doing it.
2.) They can prepare for the most public humiliation they could possibly imagine.

They think their daughter talking to a *gasp* boy is bad. Wait until their dirty laundry is aired in the media. Wait ’til a picture of them photo-shopped with a ham sandwich is published in the paper. Wait ’til they’re seen drawing a picture of Mohammed or Allah.

They’d die of shame.
How ridiculous.

How about… “Muslims – you are the ones doing the honor killing. Stop.”


pic from: here


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