So Just like that....
The Y & R powers that be, up and fired Michael Muhney from his role as Adam Newman!
The fans are furious that ‘Adam Newman’ has been let go!

Petition to have Muhney reinstated

After you sign the petition, you’ll be taken to a page that asks for donations. Don’t worry about that, unless you want to donate to the site. If not, your signature will still count.

A Muhney interview given the day of

FaceBook page If you want to help or at least try to get the one and only Adam Newman back on your favorite soap, here is a fan page at Facebook with all kinds of info and links (in the FILES section.) (You need to click the ‘join group’ button, but you’ll be added almost immediately!)

Yay! team Adam!!

Daytime Emmy Nominees Reception  2009The real Adam Newman

In the court of public opinion, who needs the truth? Good Article!


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