Most violent place on earth… nearly every woman has experienced some form of domestic abuse.

Just goes to show… women need to be educated. Only then will things change. Men have been in charge long enough and look at the state of the world. If women (girls) were taught from the get-go that, among other things, equal means equal and at the same time, men were taught that just because they are physically stronger, does not mean they’re right … things would get better.

Women need to be educated about birth control, too. Especially the part about … “you don’t have to have sex if you don’t want to.” I’m sorry to say that all that allowing herself to become pregnant does, is produce another generation of people to abuse and be abused.
Yes, the mother tries to protect the children, but they see her being abused and think that’s the way things should be.

If there were fewer people there would be less of a burden on the education system and on the family itself. Eventually the message would become clear and be believed. Their ‘lovely’ culture would change and they would become less barbaric.

They would be able to refrain from beating the crap out of each other and live a civilized life.

They should try it in Chicago and other civilized places, too.


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