This is sickening. Who ever this is needs to be shot and pissed on. Humans can be such barbarians. These ass holes are psychopaths and will probably move on to torture people.
And how about he line where it says, “….possible charges…” Possible? If I had my way we’d jump right to – throw the bastards in jail and for their daily exercise break they could dodge bullets.

SASKATOON – Wildlife officials in Saskatchewan are investigating a video posted on Facebook that shows a hunter riding a wounded deer on a sled down a hill.
The video shows a man on top of the bleeding animal sliding down the slope, while a person holding the camera provides commentary.
The cameraman names the man riding the deer “we just shot,” then yells at him to steer.
“Keep on going. You got it. Stay on, stay on!” he yells.
The rider and deer then crash into the snow at the bottom of the hill. The camera pans to the twitching animal and the announcer breaks into uncontrollable laughter.
“The deer’s still kicking!”
Gary Provencher with Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environment describes the video as disturbing.
He said staff are investigating possible charges under the Saskatchewan Wildlife Act.
RCMP have been notified but don’t believe there’s enough evidence to lay criminal charges.
Provencher said he has asked that the video be taken off the social media page.
“Because it puts, probably, all hunters in a bad light.”

original here: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/wildlife-officials-investigate-video-hunter-taking-wounded-deer-212520073.html


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