WARNING – you can’t un-see this after you watch.

This is the most disgusting, sickening display of human barbarianism I have ever seen. (It came up in my FB news feed, I didn’t search it out)

This woman is obviously sick. She is in jail in Petaling Jaya for 18 months for beating the shit out of an 8 month old baby who crawls toward her (his mother) for help. And when he lays next to her legs, no longer crying but wimpering in pain, she SMACKS him in the face and continues to beat him.

What about the C U Next Tuesday who’s doing the filming and not restraining the post partum depressed sick bitch?

There are no words to describe the horror I feel at seeing this.

Stop Child Abuse: Increase jail sentence for child beating mother Ira Petition | GoPetition


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