Life worth living –

I was listening to a ‘talk radio’ show one day and the 25 year old girl guest was saying that she never wasted her money on fancy clothes. Any money she had was spent on doing things. She does what there is to do.

If she wears the same dress or jeans 500 times, she doesn’t care. As long as her @$$ is covered, she’s happy. As long as she’s doing something, and she doesn’t care too much what it is, she’s happy.
Sounds odd, eh?
Odd until you learn that she has cancer. It’s in remission right now, but who knows… it can return. And, she says, will she care if she has a closet full of clothes that have seldom been worn, as she lays there dying? Or, will she care that while she could, she experienced life (in that old pair of jeans?)

While you’re at it, remember –

Work at a job you like – You can learn to do most anything – go learn it. There is night school, on the job training or volunteering. Eventually, you can have the job you’ll actually enjoy going to each day. What a treat that would be.

Live within your means – What good is it to buy stuff all the time, especially if you can’t afford it? You won’t have time to use it all because you’ll have to work extra hours to pay for it. You’ll spend all your time at work, and unless you’ve covered the previous point… you’re in for an miserable life.

Learn to say NO – So, we all want to be nice and friendly and helpful, right? But, there comes a point when enough is enough. You’ve got yourself a job you like, your house isn’t full of junk you’ve only used once.

You could be spending your free time doing what you truly enjoy and what? … you’re spending your time doing chores and errands that others can do for themselves, or you’re attending events that you couldn’t care less about because someone needed a companion. (If going to hot yoga isn’t your thing, let your buddy find a companion who wants to participate. Everyone will be happier.)

 Don’t let anyone tell you what to think, do or say- Now what? Well, you need to think about everything for yourself. Form your own opinions and take it from there. Not everyone will like what you think, do and say… but you don’t like their ways either. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, be who you are.

You come first in relationships – Do what you enjoy! Sounds selfish, right? Well, it isn’t. If you are taking care of yourself –  for example: going to a hockey game instead of a tea party, eating salad instead of a roast, wearing a dress instead of jeans, and you’re letting your partner do the same, without jealousy or hurt and anger AND you and your partner participate in common enjoyable interests… think how wonderful it will be!

Obviously, there will be times when you have to ‘suck it up’ and compromise. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re doing what makes you happy most of the time, compromising and doing something that you’re not particularly fond of once in awhile, isn’t going to kill you. And, there is such a thing as Karma. What goes around, comes around.

The wheel makes its turn.

Law of Attraction


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