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the page before this, called Life Worth Living is actually a page with content… not just a title.

Chinese Proverb

“If the direction you want to go in is forward…Do not continue to look backwards”

Forgive. Not forgiving is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.

Thinking about & reliving rotten times from the past, only serves to reopen a wound. Reopening the wound includes thinking all kinds of negative thoughts that the universe hears and sends you more of the same back.

If a rotten thought enters your mind, push it away by thinking how wonderful it is that you are thankful and grateful that you don’t make mistakes (like that) any more!

Then remember that you’ve forgiven and let your perception of the past be one of wonderment . It made you what you are today.

The only thing you can change about your past, is your perception of it.

What we Say, Be, and See – We Become
What we Think, Do and Say – We Receive

You can have what you want by acting with all your heart as if you already have it.

(Author Unknown)

So, think positive and positive things will happen!


Happiness is a choice


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