Because its big, and meaningful and important it’s posted under UNIVERSE—->

The other day, I was thinking that something was just not right. Not right with the world. With the way things are and they way things are done.

It’s like  we live our lives the way we’re told to. Even if a few of us go wild and ‘take the long way home,’ we’re all still within the parameters of what we’re told to do.

No one really gets any where. No one really accomplishes anything. We all go to work at a company that makes someone else rich, we even make a few bucks out of the deal – just enough to think we’re successful. We get married and have a kid or two, pay our endless bills and even more endless taxes. Every few years take a vacation which is only allowed so that we think we’re succeeding and we continue doing what is expected of us  –  then we die.



There has to be more to life than that. There has to be something we’re not seeing.

Maybe it’s deliberately hidden from us.

As I was thinking of all this, I had an image form in my mind – I sort of saw myself ripping a curtain open and seeing the truth beyond. Of course I didn’t see the truth. If I had, I’d be sharing that important information with you.

Any way, I came across this picture today. It is exactly what I imagined, except this guy is looking under the curtain. But, this is what I mean… exactly!! There is more to it than we’re allowed to know. Why?

Beyond the Illusion

I don’t know who drew this, but it’s good. Well done. It says so much. Thanx!


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